Hello and nice to meet you. We're Origem.

Our mission is to accelerate and democratize the access to electric mobility in Latin America.

We're firm believers that clean and affordable personal transportation is a great driver of change all around the world. Eliminating tailpipe emissions is just part of the benefits.

Providing families and workers tools to move freely and at low cost promotes social justice, while building better cities.

That's why Origem chose the mission of bringing electric transportation to the masses, a challenge that has three main components:

  1. Providing electric vehicles that perform equally (or better) on the same jobs as their combustion alternatives.
  2. Creating a recharging infrastructure that is as convenient as refueling on petrol stations, causing no disruption on daily routines.
  3. The complete solution must be economically viable for mass adoption. The Total Cost of Ownership must be better than combustion alternatives and the economic relation must ensure access to the large part of the population that doesn't have access to financing.

We tackle each of these requirements in a very pragmatic way:

This is the only mobility offer where the more you ride, the cheaper every kilometer gets. In this arrangement, transportation costs effectively become a zero marginal cost.

We have gone beyond rethinking the motorcycle from the ground up.